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Welcome to DesCom Systems

DesCom Systems was incorporated in Australia in 1989. With expertise in accounting, import, export, wholesale distribution, MRPII manufacturing, and repair services, DesCom has harnessed the wealth of experience in business management and application software development gained over three decades to provide a full range of consultation, custom software development, and support services.

We at DesCom Systems Pty Ltd recognise that our continued success and prosperity is directly related to that of our clients and to our clients' level of satisfaction with the advice, products, services, and support that we supply to them.

It is true that businesses must be able to manage change. To do so, the executive support systems must not only provide the options, flexibility, and power to support whatever changes the future dictates, but indeed must also help to highlight the trends which lead to those changes.

However there are some things that should not change! These are the constant awareness by DesCom of the need for excellence in providing our clients with quality products, services, and support; the constant awareness that pleasing our clients can only be achieved by supplying needed financial management solutions; and the constant awareness that well designed business application software will only deliver the optimal benefits in productivity and security, if those solutions are developed on a modern platform running in an Open Systems environment.

Our commitment is to provide applications systems software of the highest quality and effectiveness, conforming to open systems standards and which will enhance the business of our clients by assisting them to raise the level of their service to their clients, to assist our clients to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace in which they operate, and to contribute to our clients' profitability and the future growth of their business.

Each member of the DesCom team has had many years of experience in the computer industry in a wide range of aspects covering application systems design, testing and implementation; pre-sales surveys and systems consultation; hardware and network sizing and configuring; and the implementation and ongoing installation support, vital to the success of every business computer installation.

Our experience has proven that the highest level of productivity, success and satisfaction can only be achieved by a computer system installation where the customer and the systems supplier are dedicated and committed to an understanding of true PARTNERSHIP.

The DesCom ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been designed, developed and implemented in Australia for the specific requirements and accounting conventions of Australian and New Zealand businesses. We have harnessed our many years of experience in business management and business application software development

As a TOTAL SOLUTIONS SUPPLIER, DesCom Systems can provide: