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Financial Management

Accounts Payable

The DesCom Accounts Payable system provides complete logging, tracking, and control of creditors, cash requirements and payments. Being transaction based, this system provides unlimited information, listings, and audit trails.

Purchases of stock and non-stock items are processed, and multiple currencies are readily accommodated. Creditors invoices and credit notes can be manually entered OR can be automatically posted from the Purchase Order and Costing system, through full integration of the system modules. As supplier invoices, credit notes and cash purchases are entered, the DesCom system automatically:

Cash Requirements planning is facilitated by producing "Payments Due" listings by due date before producing cheques. Separate listings are produced for local currency and each overseas currency. These lists can be reviewed and modified in case some items are to be withheld from payment in part or in full. Once reviewed and retentions imposed or released, cheques and remittance advices for local currency creditors are automatically printed, OR requests for bank drafts or telegraphic transfers for overseas currency creditors are automatically produced.