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The DesCom Sales Analysis module is a vital management tool which produces Sales and Profit information based on Customers and Products, with a very wide selection of reports available. These reports are user definable.

The broad goals of the DesCom Sales Analysis module are to provide reports to assist management to:

The purpose of this module is to produce concise, meaningful reports that present the most relevant information possible on past performance to enable management to judge and analyse the data. With such information, managers should be better able to anticipate the future and make appropriate decisions, see potential difficulties while they are correctable, and create an evaluation and reward environment that will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

The types and formats of reports required will vary from one business to another, and even within the same business will be required to be varied or extended from time to time. This module can create reports based on virtually any breakdown of sales and profit required by the appropriate managers at various levels.

The DesCom Sales Analysis module is on-line and real time so that the information produced is up-to-the-minute. Where we use terminology such as "historical" and "past performance", we mean history as far back as required (can be years) and up to the time nominated, or up to the minute such reports are selected.

The Sales Analysis module is totally dependent upon the output from other modules in order to function. It is fully integrated with Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management, Budgeting, and Payroll (where commissions or bonuses are a by-product of a Sales Analysis report).