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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is the "physical hub" of a distribution business. Providing customers with the highest standard of service intrinsically means having the right goods ready for delivery, on time, every time.

Because of the significant investment in inventory, having the correct mix and quantities of products available, without SHORTAGES, OVERSTOCKING, OVER-COSTING, or WRITE OFFS, is often the greatest "juggling act" of a customer focused distribution business.

Now, with the DesCom INVENTORY MANAGER, you can gain control over the most demanding inventory problems.

Being on-line and real time, the DesCom INVENTORY MANAGER is fully integrated with SALES ORDER PROCESSING, PURCHASE ORDER & COSTING MANAGER, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE, SALES FORECASTING, and MANUFACTURING MANAGER. This will eliminate time-wasting duplication, making the system easy and appealing to use.

Sophisticated costing methods are supported, and an unlimited number of warehouses can be controlled.

DesCom INVENTORY MANAGER will track your stock records by transaction, serial number, batch, and stock location. In fact, detailed inventory information can be displayed or printed at any point in time for any specified date, giving you complete visibility and control over this very valuable asset.