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The General Ledger is the financial hub of any accounting system. This is where all of the accounting data from the various sub-ledgers are drawn together and consolidated. It is from the accumulated data in the General Ledger that we can find out the true financial position of the business.

Yet because traditional computer based General Ledger systems are "batch based" and are purely historical, they do not provide management with the detailed information they require, or at the time it is required. Those days are gone, forever! The DesCom General Ledger system is transaction based, is on-line and real time, and being integrated with all other modules, there is an effortless flow of information, and importantly, a consistancy in access to that information. This provides management with access to all levels of transaction details and to a whole array of customised financial reports that are meaningful - all at any time - based on up-to-the-minute entries, it is truly dynamic. This is what executives need to effectively manage their business.

The DesCom General Ledger can be used as a stand-alone system, but being designed to be fully integrated with all modules in the DesCom Decision Support and Executive Information System, means that all postings from the sub-ledgers are automatically processed and controlled, ensuring that all sub-ledgers balance to the General Ledger at all times.

The key to flexibility and sophistication in constructing a General Ledger Chart of Accounts is the structure of the account codes. In the DesCom General Ledger system, the account code is large enough to satisfy the most demanding requirement and can be split into many elements, such as for Company, Branch, Division/Department, and Main Account, and then further dissected by means of sub-accounts. The structure of account codes is user defined, and is therefore totally pertinent to the specific requirements of each business, be they a small single company single branch business, or a very large multinational corporation with multiple companies, branches, and divisions, requiring multi-company consolidations.

To harness the power and convenience of modern generic office automation applications such as Word Processing and Financial Spreadsheets, the DesCom system incorporates interfaces with those applications which allow the import and export of data to assist in the creation of budgets, forecasts, models, and special reports. However, tight security is built in to the DesCom systems to prevent tampering with the masterfiles and transaction databases.

The DesCom General Ledger system has been designed for a specific purpose, that is to enable executive managers to easily access and quickly assimilate all of the required up-to-the-minute financial information to support the constant decision making necessary for them to manage a viable, profitable business in today's competitive environment.