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Fulfilling a company's responsibilities to its employees and to statutory authorities whilst exercising responsible financial management requires a Payroll system that is flexible, comprehensive, accurate and secure. The DesCom Payroll system has been carefully designed to meet all of these criteria, and more, by providing:

The system is designed to handle automatic creation of salaries with standard allowances, deductions, and superannuation without requiring any input other than exceptions, such as leave details when necessary. Automatic input from a time keeping system has been provided for, as has the facility to manually enter time sheet data such as hours worked by wages personnel, leave details, overtime and public holidays, for all staff as necessary.

Income Tax is automatically calculated with override facilities to enable alterations to be made as required. The tax tables are user maintained.

Multiple cost dissections per timesheet line provides complete flexibility in labour expense distribution to the General Ledger. The Payroll system is fully integrated with the DesCom General Ledger and Cash Management systems to ensure that all postings generated by Payroll are automatically processed and balanced.

This system provides for unlimited allowances and deductions; award rates and entitlements; multiple companies and departments; flexible payment of wages and salaries; a wide range of enquiries and reports; full employee history to be kept as long as required; Group Certificates to be automatically issued at end of tax year, and for terminations when they occur.

It should not be overlooked that a Payroll System has an important contribution to make in developing the employer/employee relationship. Some of the employee facilities that the DesCom Payroll system provides are:

Being a complete, comprehensive, and secure system, DesCom Payroll can assist your company to become more productive, and increase the control over, and accuracy of your companys procedures, thus saving time and reducing expenses.