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Repair Service - Service Manager

Pleasing customers with quality products and after-sales service is a top priority in today's competitive environment. Many products are sold with a warranty and/or assurance of service support. For those businesses whose responsibility it is to provide that support, it is important to have the procedural and financial systems in place to supply and control that service.

The DesCom SERVICE MANAGER system has been developed to assist with the organisation, and financial management of the service operation, to enable it to professionally provide the right technical skills and the right parts at the right time. This system can assist to convert what is traditionally a cost centre into a profit centre by providing a comprehensive approach to controlling and measuring service operations. Some of the benefits that can accrue from the adoption of this system may include:

The DesCom SERVICE MANAGER is integrated with Accounts Receivable to enable enquiries on customer files, and to automatically alert the service department of those on credit hold, so enforcing approval of credit department before proceeding with the repair. Service invoices and credit notes are automatically posted to the customer accounts in the Accounts Receivable Ledger. As spare parts can be an inventory location, Service Manager is also integrated with Inventory Manager.

It can be seen that the DesCom SERVICE MANAGER can assist your service organisation to become more productive, to measure the contribution that service makes to your company, to build and maintain product confidence, and to make its contribution to customer satisfaction.