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Sales Order Processing

DesCom realise that your customers are the lifeblood of your business and designed the DesCom Sales Order Processing system recognising that it is through the Sales Order Processing module that your customers' needs are entered into your computer system. The purpose of this module is to provide fast and accurate processing of orders from customers while minimising both clerical costs and the costs associated with customer dissatisfaction.

The DesCom Sales Order Processing system has been designed to meet a number of goals:

  1. To ensure your customers' continued satisfaction by enhancing your company's responsiveness, flexibility, reliability and accuracy.
  2. To protect your company's interests by ensuring that credit, pricing, and profitability policies are adhered to; and by being easy to understand and simple to use, increase the effectiveness and productivity of your key staff.
  3. To be adaptable to satisfy the diverse needs of a wide range of businesses and industries. For example, there are almost as many pricing and discount policies as there are distribution businesses. Each business must be allowed to adapt such policies according to its products/services and its competition. DesCom provides complete adaptability by building into this system the ability for substantial customisation, whilst providing all the benefits of an established software package.

The flexibility and adaptability of this highly sophisticated system makes it equally suitable for small single company businesses, and large international corporations with multiple companies, departments, and locations.

The DesCom Sales Order Processing module is multi-user, and is fully integrated with Accounts Receivable, Inventory Manager, Repair Service, Sales Analysis, and General Ledger. Being on-line and real time the information produced is instantaneous and always up-to-the-minute, and always pertinent.